Chaincode Research Seminar

The Chaincode Research Seminar exists to foster and encourage collaboration between the open-source community, industry, and academia towards research advances that benefit Bitcoin.

Date: Wednesday September 14th, 2022

Speaker: Joseph Bonneau

Title: Short-lived proofs

Abstract: This talk will discuss short-lived proofs, a non-interactive proof of knowledge with a novel feature: after a specified period of time, the proof is no longer convincing. This time-delayed loss of soundness happens “naturally” without further involvement from the prover or any third party. The talk will discuss potential applications of short-lived proofs and short-lived signatures (a special case). It will also show several practical constructions built using verifiable delay functions (VDFs), including two novel types of VDFs, re-randomizable VDFs and zero-knowledge VDFs, which may be of independent interest.